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Increasing Your Influence, Using Groups and Communities

Increasing Your Influence, Using Groups and Communities

Increasing your influence by using groups and communities. Social media nowadays seems like an awesome thing, right? Well, don’t forget about using groups and communities, forums are what started this trend online. Not to mention all of these social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, etc. are nothing more than a glorified forum. Go out onto the world wide web and look for forums in your niche. Yes, social media will increases your influence. However by using groups and communities (forums) you’re able to find the big hitters. You can gather some of that influence for yourself.

Increasing Your Influence

By using groups and communities (forums) in your specific niche. Are is exactly that, exquisitely narrowed to your specific topics and concerns. There are not too many places where you can find your specific niche. Solely in the pursuit of all things related to your niche. Now for the really good news, the number of groups and communities (forums) on the web is astounding. Plus to the degree to which they specialize. From A to Z, solely devoted to composting or raising worms, does not matter. Because forums are so exquisitely narrowed to specific topics and concerns. It’s a great place to find your Target Customer that will purchase your product.

Smaller Can Be Better

It’s way easier to increasing your influence using groups and communities (forums). In front of a small group of a few hundred people. Than it is on social media with a few million people. Now it should be obvious the more you participate and contribute intelligently the higher your reputation. By doing that and maintaining a constant presence. People will start to see you as an expert in your niche. Which will be Increasing Your Influence Using Groups and Communities (Forums).

Not only does this increase your influence. It will help influence the people to purchase from you as well. Now, a lot of groups and communities (Forums) won’t allow or they frown really hard on putting links back to your website/offer in your post. However, they do allow a link in your signature area. People will follow this link because they want to know more about you & your offers. Now that they know and trust you, they will purchase from you.

Groups Galore

You can find groups and communities (forums) all over the web. Anyone can set up a group, from Google, Wordpess website, Facebook, too, etc. By utilizing these Groups and Communities (Forums) you can network outside your profile and connected friends. You can find paid memberships that has special privet groups and communities (forums) you can join. Because, they are highly popular which can lead to getting good traffic when contributing intelligently. Yes, do a simple search on any search engine like “yourniche+group”, “yourniche+community”, or “yourniche+forum”. You should be able to find more than you can handle.

Hint: To help with increasing your influence using groups and communities (forums), always look for highly engaging sites. Make sure, there are recent posts. As in, what’s the dates on the post. Same as the day you’re looking the site over of further out?

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Curation Neos

Curation Neos

Quora Traffic, Free Forum Traffic Method

Quora Traffic, Free Forum Traffic Method

Quora traffic can give you free traffic & make you an expert in your niche at the same time!!!
Would you like to know how to become an expert in your Niche?

Well, Quora is the Forum to use with 507.39M monthly visits!!!
This site ranks #254 in global internet engagement!!!

Can you see the power of Quora?

Free Quora Traffic Strategy

The free Quora traffic strategy is really a simple one.

  • 1. Go to & join. (Make sure to put your link to your website or offer you are selling in your profile.)
  • 2. Look for people asking questions in your niche.
  • 3. Answer those people’s questions & offer them something for free that will help them in whatever their problem is if you can. (YOUR TIME CAN & DOES MEAN MORE TO PEOPLE THAN JUST SOME FREE STUFF if you can’t afford to give them something. When I said free I mean “FREE, NO SIGN-UPS”!!!)
  • 4. Don’t be afraid to answer questions on Quora that already have answers!!! ( If your offering something free people will click the link.)
  • 5. On the page where your free offer is located. Place a couple of offers that you are selling that are closely related. (another free offer say to a free membership trial that you own can help get you people’s emails.)
  • 6. Answer around 2-5 questions a day!!!
  • 7. Rince & repeat!!!

Special Note

Note: Don’t go around posting your links straight to your website/offer without giving real value first. (Otherwise, write out an awesome short answer & then say something along the lines of “If you would like a more in-depth explanation? Please visit my site at YOURWEBSITE.COM/ARTICLE OR POST.” Also, don’t forget to give them something that will help for FREE!!!

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To Your Success,
William F. Woolverton

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